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making friends with him. What Bojog did not know was that the goat was a smooth operator from way back.
"A friend, is a friend, is a friend," sang the monkey softly to himself, as he started telling the goat of his frustrated ambitions.
"Yes, indeed," agreed the wily goat. "Things have come to a pretty pass Just look at the type of tourist we get these days. Cameras dangling everywhere, so help me And not a tasty morsel amongst the lot. Think I don't know I've tried 'em The cameras I mean. Time was when there was only a handful of tourists, but every one stopped to feed me with goodies. Now what do I get A bag filled with old lunch wrappings, hurled at me from the
window of a passing bus."
The goat paused and let loose a plaintive bleat, as though the memory pained him.
"What the world needs," sighed the monkey, "is more human fellowship."
This was the opening that the crafty goat was hoping for.
"My dear chap, I couldn't agree more," he enthused. "Let us - just you and I - form our own self-help co-operative. Let's start with, say, a banana plantation."
"Mercy me" exclaimed the monkey, taken aback. "Suppose we plant just one tree for a start"
"Have it your way," said the goat a trifle huffily, "So long as we both benefit equally."
"Splendid," agreed the monkey. "But who will pick the fruit, and carry it to the market, and who will sell it for the best price"
"Let's not get all up-tight and technical about this," urged the goat silkily. "Let's just keep it on a self-help basis and divide the tree equally. I will take only the leaves - you shall have all the fruit.

That night in a secret place, known only to themselves, the pair planted their tree. Some days later, when the first leaf unfurled, the monkey called the goat to admire it.
The goat admired it - and ate it.
Leaf after leaf appeared, to be promptly eaten by the goat.

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